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Dentist in the „Media Harbour“ Düsseldorf

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     40221 Düsseldorf

        phone: +49 (0) 211 - 13 13 28
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opening hours

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Dr. Laja & angest. Zahnärzte auf Jameda
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White and shining teeth do not have to be just a dream any longer. We brighten your teeth in our surgery by means of a professional bleaching procedure (so-called “in-office bleaching”). Philips Zoom! Bleaching When doing so we use a system which combines a special LED lamp and a bleaching gel – the so-called Philips Zoom! Bleaching - and brighten your teeth without any negative effects on either your teeth or your gums. After only one appointment we are able to achieve an immediately visible and sustainable result – white and shining teeth! The desired effect lasts for about one to three years. A thorough check-up and an in-depth consultation should always precede a bleaching procedure. As a rule we also recommend a professional cleaning of your teeth in order to optimise the result. We gladly advise you on this topic during a preliminary consultation in our surgery.


Zoom! Bleaching


What is bleaching?
Bleaching is a procedure to brighten discolorations of the tooth enamel and the dentine. The Philips Zoom procedure works with a mild gel, which is used either at your dentist’s or at home.

What causes discolorations of teeth?
Discolorations of teeth have a variety of reasons. The most frequent are the natural ageing of the teeth as well as external factors such as drinking coffee, tea, coke, red wine and smoking cigarettes. Also the use of special drugs, some diseases, as well as damages to the teeth and also root fillings might lead to discoloured teeth.

Is the bleaching a safe option?
Yes, it is! Extensive scientific and clinical studies have shown that brightening by means of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide under the supervision of the dentist neither harms your teeth nor your gums. A lot of dentists even think that bleaching is the safest procedure in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

Who benefits from bleaching?
The vast majority of patients benefits from bleaching. However, with some people the effect is more intensive than with others as, for example, dark stains caused by taking special drugs are possibly more difficult to bleach. After a thorough preliminary examination your dentist is able to determine how your teeth might react to bleaching. As the result of a bleaching procedure also depends on the teeth’s structure it therefore also varies from patient to patient.

How long do the results last?
If you follow the simple instructions for dental care after the bleaching, the effect will retain for one to three years.

How does the Philips Zoom! surgery system work?
Hydrogen peroxide, the agent in the gel, is activated by the Philips Zoom! lamp. Due to the chemical reaction of hydrogen peroxide, oxygen gets into both, tooth enamel and dentin and there bleaches all discoloured substances without changing the tooth’s structure. The Zoom lamp supports the activation of hydrogen peroxide and thus contributes to its penetration into the tooth’s surface.

What does the patient feel during the Zoom! treatment in the surgery?
During the treatment the patient may listen to music or watch a video. For patients who are extremely afraid or for people suffering from a strong urge to retch the treatment could pose a problem. This should be discussed with the dentist before the treatment. During and after the treatment slight sensitivities might occur but usually disappear after two days at the latest.

How is the treatment monitored?
The Philips Zoom! treatment requires the protection of all soft tissue in and around the mouth. During the whole procedure regular checks ensure that skin or tissue which is not covered is isolated and protected. During the procedure it is essential to wear protective goggles.

How long does a Philips Zoom! bleaching treatment in the surgery take?
A professional cleaning of your teeth is recommended about one week before the bleaching. The bleaching procedure itself takes altogether 90 to 120 minutes. It starts with several preparatory steps followed by a bleaching time of 30 to 60 minutes (two to four times 15 minutes).

What does a bleaching treatment cost?
As a rule, the treatment is a purely private service which is not paid by your health insurance. Depending on the length of the bleaching time the treatment costs between 320 and 360 €.